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Aloha and Welcome Mike Dandurand

I have been on Kaua`i for over 30 years and I love the community so much and I want to help direct its path. The pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to reset our direction regarding tourism and what it’s doing to our lifestyle. We have become too reliant on tourist dollars. Now is the time to determine smart and future-forward ways of diversifying; ways that protect the uniqueness and beauty of the island while also satisfying the island’s economic needs.

Three questions I will always ask before presenting or voting for any new legislation: Is it fair? Is it right? And is it good for the future of Kaua`i?


Meet the Candidate

Whether from a baby luau, graduation celebration, or wedding day reception, most Residents of Kauai are already familiar with Mike Dandurand, owner of Kustom Sounds Kauai. KSK is a Professional Mobile DJ Company on Kauai, founded in 1986. In his role as a professional DJ and emcee, Mike Dandurand has had the unique privilege of sharing the most special moments and rites of passage with tens of thousands of Kauai residents.

As a DJ/Emcee, I am aware of people’s feelings and moods. I easily make friends and am understanding of where they are coming from. I always look at both sides of any argument and am open to other ideas.

Mike Dandurand served as President of the Kauai Wedding Professionals Association, guiding business owners from different areas of the industry together, to determine the course of action for the greatest benefit to all those involved.

Now Mike is seeking a new role as our community’s representative – one of seven duly-elected Kauai Councilmen.

Meet the Candidate Mike's Bio

Mike Dandurand was born in 1962 in the Philippines to a Japanese mother, Yoko Igushi, and an American father, Donald Dandurand. His father is a veteran and served in the US Army, then worked as a civil servant for the U.S. Military’s Stars and Stripes Newspaper. In 1968, the Dandurand family moved to Hawai`i from the Philippines, including Mike’s younger sister, Kim, and his brother, Christopher, who tragically passed away in high school from a brain aneurysm.

Mike attended St Louis High School on Oahu and followed in his father’s footsteps to attend the University of Notre Dame, and graduated in 1984. Mike returned to Oahu after college, interned at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and eventually became Sales Manager.

There was an opening at the new Kauai Hilton and Beach Villas (now Kauai Beach Resort) that would change Mike’s life forever. He moved to Kauai in 1987 and has been in love with the island and its people ever since.

I have been living and working on Kaua’i for 34 years, As a mobile DJ, I have had the honor of being present during the most important moments of Kaua`i’s families. I have celebrated with family for their child’s first birthday, their son or daughter’s graduation commemoration, and their children’s wedding ceremony and reception. I feel like a part of Kaua’i and her people from sharing these rites of passage.

My leisure time is spent taking our dog, Hina, to Kealia Beach and Wailua Dog Park. I enjoy jogging Kapaa Bike Path with my wife, Rivers, and riding my Yamaha 1600 Roadstar up to Monuments and Old Kipu Road. Cruising on my bike and visiting friends all over the Island, you can catch me having an Aina Nui at Aloha Aina Juice Co. or a Poke Bowl at Fish Express.

Education: BA in Computer Management at Notre Dame

Extracurricular: Bengal Bouts 135lb Boxing Champ

If I took away anything from college, it was that I ‘learned how to learn’. I learned how to figure out answers to most any problem …  and not to be afraid to ask questions.

Business: Owner of Kustom Sounds Kauai, since 1986

As a business owner, I am constantly figuring out ways to improve our services, run more efficiently and save money. Scheduling and negotiating with major players in the entertainment/event industry in Hawaii, has taught me flexibility and the mental ability to juggle many ideas simultaneously and solve problems quickly and equitably.

Public Service Experience: Lihue Rotary Club, Poipu Rotary Club and March of Dimes Kauai Committee

As a DJ and MC, I have attended, presented and participated with innumerable groups, organizations and charities on island. However, my most notable service with non-profits has been with Kauai Wedding Professionals Association. Duties include keeping meetings on track, managing membership dues, meeting costs and expenditures for the website and marketing. Not only was I a Founding Member but I have served 12 years as President, watching the association grow from 16 to 80 members since 1990.
I have been living and working with the “Aloha Spirit” for most of my life, and now I want to give back to the island with my servitude.

The pandemic and resulting ‘new normal’ has presented a unique opportunity to reset our dependence on tourism and assess how our island has been affected. Now is the time to diversify our economy with measures that protect the environment and beauty of the island while balancing the needs of our society.


Traditional Hawaiian cultural practices and ways of thinking are the original protocol of ‘sustainability’. A more modern snapshot of sustainability includes economic growth while responsibly preserving natural resources. Thus sustainable development links economic prosperity with environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic diversity.

  • Decrease reliance on tourism by assisting to diversify our economy
  • Increase custodial land use
  • Increase employment opportunities in farming, delivery, distribution, marketing and environmental management


Pre COVID = high volume of tourists
Low spending
Low resident satisfaction
My Future Vision for Kauai = Low volume of tourists
Higher spending visitor
High resident satisfaction

Food Sustainability

 We can expand our agricultural economy and improve upon the island’s food sustainability with the creation of food hubs for local produce and dairy goods at major population zones.

I envision an evolved Farmers Market, almost like a Food Co-op with an online order and delivery system, extending the benefits of ownership through the community, prioritizing organic and local products, and increasing availability and access over the internet with a delivery system.

Recycling and Waste

Waste management is another two-fold issue; we must manage the disposal of existing waste, as well as reducing future waste. Rather than spending the county budget to site another landfill, we should repair the existing landfill infrastructure and build a new MRF to process recyclables. Implementation of Residential Curbside Recycling is necessary; first, we must proceed with the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to process those collected materials. 


We need to build houses that are truly affordable. $400,000 for a house is not affordable. We need to combine financial education with loosening building restrictions. I recommend allowing higher density housing in city centers, not in urban areas.

Transient Vacation Rentals

Keep visitors in Vacation Designated Areas VDA


At its core, sustainability is about economic growth while responsibly preserving natural and national resources. Thus sustainable development links economic prosperity with environmental stewardship, social equity, and cultural diversity. For small island nations these linkages are even more pronounced due to their geographic isolation.

Natural Resources

As our island, nation and global community acknowledge the drastic impacts of climate change, it is obvious how important it is to protect our natural resources. All of nature is symbiotic; climate change affects ocean temperature – affects acidification – affects pH levels – and they all affect the fish!

Climate Change

Global warming and the ‘question’ of climate change is no longer a debate in the war room. It is documented, it is factual, it is here. As an island, we have no other choice but to react to the stormy consequences. We must prepare for extreme downfall and adaption to changing shorelines, as well as protecting our natural resources by increasing protected ecosystems.

Water Rights

If a farmer needs water to grow produce, he should be able to get it at a fair price. Water is free and is, due to the Public Trust, controlled by our County.  The delivery of water is currently controlled by the private sector. We need to work together as stewards of this most precious of resources. 

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I am running for County Council because I believe in the fundamental idea of a government that serves the people and works for the betterment of our community.  Thank you for your support — together I know we can build a Kaua`i County Council that truly serves our neighborhoods and families.

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I receive so much joy from watching people laughing, dancing and walauing, enjoying life with their families and friends. It reminds me of why we are here and what’s important. In many ways, what happens at these parties is a microcosm of what makes Kaua`i so special. I want to preserve that feeling.

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